As a church, we support 15 missionaries across the world and 9 ministries here in central Ohio.

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Upcoming Short Term Trips


GPC and iBelieve Church


Tentative Dates: End of July

Estimated Cost: $2,000

Team Size: 8-12

Join us for a Jesus centered summer camp experience in Transylvania , Romania! Grace Powell Church is partnering with iBelieve Church in Romania to host a summer camp for their students and Ukrainian refugee students who have been displaced by the war. 

If you have a heart for God and love helping others and like outdoor activities this if the place for you to be! We are looking for people who love youth, outdoors and building relationships in a camp type setting. Experience running camps or with youth is helpful! Other helpful skills include, music and/or teaching experience.

Our Romania team will be involved in other activities with iBelieve Church and will serve and encourage them during our time there! 


Three Strands Medical Missions

Dates: July 29 – August 5

Estimated Costs: $1,600 – $1,700

Team Size: Max 12
2-3  MD’s / NP’s / PA’s / DO’s
2-4 Non-Provider Medical Personnel
4-6 Non Medical Personnel

On this trip to Haiti, our main objective will be to assist and come alongside Three Strands Haiti Medical Clinic, Malnutrition Center, and our staff. We will be seeing patients all throughout the day. This will include a triage team, prayer team, pharmacy team, doctor team, and kids ministry teams. You will be immersed in the culture of Haiti by starting off the week worshipping with our brothers and sisters on Sunday morning. Monday – Thursday will be full days of clinics on site and mobile clinics. The last day will be a chance to experience Haitien market and half day of rest at the local beach before we head home.

Central African Republic

Three Strands Medical Missions

Dates: October 15 – 25

Estimated Costs: $3,500 

Team Size: Max 6
2  MD’s / NP’s / PA’s / DO’s
2 Non-Provider Medical Personnel
2 Non Medical Personnel

 Our main objective is to aid and assist our Three Strands Medical Staff in all medical care. Throughout the week we’ll be plugging into our Primary Care needs, maternity, surgical, and malnutrition clinics. Depending on who comes on the team, there may be a chance for training in a specific skill set to our African team. One of the days we’ll be traveling an hour north to our remote clinic to provide care all day. One day we’ll have a chance to strictly build relationships with the Muslim Fulani tribe to build connections and gain trust.

Missionaries / Ministries We Support

Barb Wooler

Encompass World Partners

Based out of Atlanta, GA and working with Encompass World Partners, Barb coordinates and plans crisis response teams that are then sent across the globe.

Florent & Lori Varak

Encompass’ Church Equipping Network

The Varak‘s serve in Grace, near Lyon, as the Director of Encompass’ Church Equipping Network. As such, they lead a team of missionaries dedicated to training churches and leaders. Florent has the privilege of traveling 1-2 weeks out of every month to either teach seminars or advise on leadership development. On the side, Florent is also an elder of a church, holds a weekly podcast, and occasionally writes books and blogs.

Jim & Kim Heffner

The Heffners are involved in several ministry opportunities in South Africa including evangelism and discipleship at rural farm schools, teaching at local high schools and involved in their local church in several ways.

Child Development International

CDI Works to bring the Good News of Jesus to as many men, women, and children as possible in communities that have not been reached or may not be open to Christianity. We train and equip indigenous pastors called to these communities, and we develop the next generation of Christians who will be ready to carry on the work.

Nick and Angela Corrova

Nick is serving with Bridges (Cru’s ministry to international students) at Ohio State University and leading the Bridges Church Partnership Team. Angela is helping to train, equip, and coach International New Staff as they raise support.

C and E

We live and work in the Middle East, and seek to provide healing and hope to unreached Arabs. We desire families to know and experience healing, freedom, and hope that comes through engaging with the Gospel and knowing Jesus intimately.

Tiffany Helmuth

Tiffany works with university student ministry both as a part of a team mentoring believing students and doing evangelism with seeking students, as well as managing the social media on the national level for digital evangelism and brand recognition for the ministry.

Cody and Haley Irwin

The Training Leaders International team in the Pacific seeks to strengthen the worship, witness, and wellbeing of the Church by offering training and fellowship opportunities for Pacific Island leaders. To accomplish this, we run a church-based seminary on Oahu, host leadership gatherings in Honolulu, and lead seminars at local Hawaiian churches, as well as facilitate training conferences on neighboring islands throughout the year.

Patras and Naomi Rahmat

Reaching immigrants, refugees and international students in and around Columbus. The primary focus of their ministry is on people from the “10/40” window.

Luke Helmuth

Recently relocated to Los Angeles, Luke is building and growing the refugee outreach ministry through Missionary Athletes International using soccer to reach kids and their families.

Beka Severs

Based in Charlotte, NC, Beka coaches soccer for an urban sports ministry called the Charlotte Eagles and has been there for the last 7 years. Beka and the Charlotte Eagles work with many refugee families from all over the world under the umbrella of Missionary Athletes International.


A Ministry of GPC

English as a Second Language uses English to share the love of Jesus with those in our community. ESL meets regularly at the church on Monday evenings and is led by Tim and Sandy Farner.

Tony and Cathy Webb

Vision USA Church Planting starts new churches in the USA and globally while also helping existing churches engage their harvest fields more efficiently.

Grace Clinics of Ohio

Based in Delaware, Linden, Jackson and Marion, the mission of Grace Clinics is to love God and love people while using medicine as a vehicle to share the gift God gave us in Jesus. The medical staff, comprised of volunteer doctors, nurses, pharmacists, prayer partners will provide basic, sound, quality medical care to those who would otherwise not have access to it in a loving, compassionate, non-threatening way. The patient’s illness will be addressed by considering their physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and social needs.

Kairos Prison Ministry

The mission of the Kairos Prison Ministry is to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women and youth, as well as their families, to become loving and productive citizens of their communities.

Grace Powell Sports

Recognizing the language of our cultural as sports, fitness and young families, GPS uses sports and fitness to bridge the gap from our church to our community.

Foster Care / Adoption / My Village Ministries

At GPC, we are involved in redemptive ministry through adoption, restorative ministry through foster care, and preventative ministry through My Village Ministries. We come around families in crisis to be the hands and feet of Jesus, loving and serving them exactly where they are.

Wonderful Gift Ministries

Wonderful Gift Ministries works with evangelical denominations throughout Ethiopia teaching churches how to bring the whole gospel to the whole church and take it to the whole community. Their efforts bring thousands of people to Christ each year.

LifeWise Academy

LifeWise Academy has as its focus to reach public school students with the gospel and, it’s during the school day! We are committed to faithful, gospel-centered teaching of the Scriptures. Grace Powell Church is a host church to LifeWise Olentangy, the local LifeWise Program, which offers LifeWise classes to nearby public elementary school students.

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Sundays at 9 AM & 11 AM
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