Share Your Prayer Requests

God calls us to come to Him in prayer instead of being anxious and worrying (Philippians 4:6). Right now, it’s easy for all of us to be anxious and worry. Instead, let’s come together today to share our requests and pray for each other.

Prayer Requests


Please ask Jesus to fill these people with the Holy Spirit. Karla, Eloy, Maricela, Pasillas, Devyn, Britt. Thank you.


I lift my prayers to Jesus that my uncle, recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, will be surrounded by God’s love and strength to endure this journey and find peace in His plan. I pray for my aunt and my cousins to receive calm in their minds and strength in their hearts to face this with strong faith and supportive love. May we receive the time to express our love and support and support and continue to believe that He is always with us. In the Lord’s Name, I pray, amen.


Asking prayer for a family member named Derek who is 33 years old and has a wife and three young children. They just discovered cancer in multiple parts of his body including his brain and eye. Please pray for a miraculous healing for him and his family to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and have faith in Him regardless of the outcome.


Please pray for my mo Carol. She is in the ICU. She had a heart attack. She is on a ventilator. Her kidney function is not doing good and we don’t know what damage she has to the heart yet because of air in her chest. She has emphysema, and that probably brought on the heart attack. Please pray for her whole body to be completely healed. She is going to be put on Dialysis to give her kidneys a rest right now, and pray they heal in Jesus Mighty name! Pray she gets off the breathing machine too! They tried to take her off but her heart rate when down and blood pressure went down and heart rate went up! She flat-lined for 45 minutes!


Pray for faith from the Lord to us and ask Him to open a new career door for me to support my family.


I’ve started a relationship with my biological dad after 15 years and I still live with my mom and stepdad. My stepdad raised me and I just want to pray that he would be understanding and not angry with me that I want to start a relationship with my father. I want him to see what it would be like in my shoes so he can not be upset. I pray that grace would be placed in his heart.


Please pray for our parents, Mario and Janet, who are having many health issues. Pray that the situation continues to improve and that God will give us His wisdom to help us make good decisions for their care.


We ask our Heavenly Father to help heal our mother Tara and help her through her depression that she has been fighting. May she find peace in starting a new chapter in her life.


In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask for prayer to the Father to work justice towards Martha, Jefferson, Lilian, Ramiro, Nohemy, Layton, Juan, Angela, Jesus, Blanca, Carlos, Profesora Lucre, Carlos, Mariana, and John because they oppose the gospel. Romans 12:19.


My niece and her husband are beginning what looks like will be a contentious divorce. There are two beautiful children (17 mos. & 14 mos.) involved. Parts of my family and my nephew-in-law’s family have taken polar opposite positions on the situation. All of us desperately need PEACE and restoration. I feel relatively certain there are salvation needs where my nephew-in-law and his family are concerned. My heart breaks for both families, but mostly for the innocent children and the impact this will have on them. I know that God is ultimately in control and I fully believe in the power of prayer. I need intercessory reinforcement. Great blessings to your church family as you join me in this petition to our Father!


Ask God to speak to the heart of moms & dads; to awaken their God-given maternal & paternal instincts so they would choose to protect, nurture & provide for their children. I think Solomon relied on this instinct to identify the real mother as the one who would do anything to keep her child alive. Too many moms & dads believe the lies taught by our culture resulting in over 60 million babies aborted & their parents being severely wounded because of that decision. May no plan of the enemy succeed.


For Joni’s deliverance from Facebook, alcoholism, selfishness anger for her to show her husband compassion and love. For Ashley healing in her chest and eyes for Melissa to give him his $700 deposit back. She does not return phone calls.


Praying and trusting Jesus for Celeste and myself Asheen to become husband and wife without any interfering such as her ex-boyfriend Adayn and his friends who keep harassing us and won’t leave us alone. We just want peace and to be left alone and him to be at peace. Also, I’m praying for God’s favor over our relationship and marriage – Matthew 18:20 – “For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.”


Please pray to Father God for me to forgive my backstabbers and hidden enemies.


Please pray for healing for hearing loss, memory, bad posture, body pain, blood pressure, and others. Pray for excellent health from head to tow and long life for Lorraine now in Jesus’ name. Pray for debt to be gone for Lorraine in Jesus’ name. Pray for Lorraine’s possessions (house, cars, appliances, etc.) to last longer in Jesus’ name. I pray for Lorraine. And please pray for excellent health from head to toe and long life for my uncle Seve.


Please pray for baby Leo born Thursday to Grace and Andrew. In NICU having some difficulty breathing. Thank you!


Please pray for Barbara. She tested positive for COVID last evening and is at home on medication. Pray for healing.


Pray for shytown/Ricky Dillios he needs help.


Please pray for my feet pain to go away and for my wife and children to talk to me.


Please pray for my friend Heather who is in OSU with cardiac issues. She was life-flighted from Marysville last night. Thank you! 🙏🏼🙌🏼


Please pray for my father who is 85 and tested positive for COVID-19 this week. Currently at home on antibiotics. Pray for God’s presence and him to respond.


Please pray for a good friend, Trish, who has just received a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Please pray for her and her husband, two children, and two grandchildren.


Job finances and my relationship with Christ


I had a test last week and was informed today by my urologist that I have a low-risk prostate cancer. I am scheduled to see him next week to discuss my options concerning any treatment at this time since it is low-risk cancer. Please pray that the Holy Spirit guides me to the right decision to make at this time. Thank you, Tony.

Tom & Mary Lou

Finally, we are getting answers to Tom’s health issues that have plagued us for a number of years. PTL there are (6) issues, but (2) of greater importance. First, there is vestibular schwannoma. This is a typically benign brain tumor located on the nerve between the left ear and the brain. A brain MRI is scheduled for Sept. 29th. Second, and most serious, is the diagnosis of amyloidosis. This is a rare disease that is difficult to diagnose. This is a “rogue” protein that attached to any organ or nervous system and causes it to stop working. doctors believe it is type “AL” amyloidosis. There is concern it is in the heart and a heart biopsy is scheduled for July 29th. We meet with the doctor on Aug. 11th to discuss treatment and the future. The disease has no cure. Thank you, Tom and Mary Lou.


Please pray for my wife to come to understand that God is triune in nature and to have a revelation of who God is. Please pray that I should be an example in leading her to the truth.


I am requesting prayer for my 3-year-old nephew who was admitted to the ICU and is on a ventilator. He has internal bleeding that the doctors cannot seem to stop. They are not sure what is causing it at this time. Thank you.


Praise that my father and step-mom were able to visit from CT this past weekend, and during that time, that I was prompted by questions from them that allowed me to share the grace of God through Jesus Christ with them. Prayers that the words I spoke were Spirit-led and that they help plant the seeds for God to nurture and grow Jesus in their hearts.


Please pray for 8-year-old Declan and father Josh who just lost their mom and wife, Rebecca to a lung disease that took her while she awaited a transplant donor. This family is very important to one of our members, Linda, who helped raise Declan from the time he was 7 months old. We don’t know if the family knows Jesus, but we pray that Rebecca came to know Him prior to passing and that God uses this difficult trial as a way to bring Josh and Declan closer to Him.


I made a general call-out via Sugar Island website to any woman who’d like to join a non-denominational, non-political Bible study. 7 responded, 3 additional indicated they’d join me this upcoming Saturday. Of course please pray the Lord’s will for me and those He’d like to be part of this opportunity. Sure am hopeful I’m not sitting here all alone Saturday morning with a plate full of cookies and coffee at the ready.

Grace Powell Church

Pray for one of our former pastors, Jeff and his wife Sherry have tested positive for COVID-19, and are undergoing the sickness.


Pray for ESL couple Jose and Kary from Mexico. Kary’s mother, who lives in Mexico City, passed away early this morning (Friday). Pray for God’s comfort and peace. Because of the bans on travel and the enormous cost of airfare, it appears that Kary will not be able to go for the funeral. She has been very sick since January (perhaps COVID before we were even aware of COVID). Then her uncle who lived in Chicago died of COVID about a month and a half ago. Jose and Kary have been attending online services, were involved in GPS, and also attended the online Prayer Meeting and ESL Zoom classes.


We made the decision Sunday to take Kevin’s mom Dorothy out of assisted living because she was in bad decline. We have brought her to our home to die surrounded by her family. They would not allow us in the facility. We are not sure how long she has but she is fading away daily. Please pray for a peaceful home going.


Please remember our children in Nepal during the COVID crisis. These children have been connected to our church since 2015. Food security is a huge issue during the Nepali government quarantine. Pray that our Brother BuddiMan and his team can continue to care for these children and impact their families and communities for Jesus.


My cousin’s husband (28) is suffering from an unknown illness (tested negative twice for COVID). His name is Kurt. Pray for physical healing and wisdom for doctors.


Our good friend, John, has brain cancer and had a seizure this week. He’s been confused and dizzy. Please pray for continued grace for him and his family. Pray he can continue to be joyful and a light for Jesus.


Pray for Nate! He is the son of a former staff member who is experiencing congestive heart failure and is septic.


I have just graduated from nursing school – we were able to graduate early due to the need of nurses in our country now. I am overly anxious about taking my board exams (nclex). My prayer is that my trust rests in the Lord. That I believe the will of my life may be to love Christ more and not just pass a test. Praying that one, I do pass, but two, in this season of studying and taking the exam that I will not be fearful and anxious and trust that He will protect and prodive for me through my test anxiety.


My mom has dementia and lives in a nursing home. I haven’t seen her for 6 weeks – I usually visit her every other day. It’s been really hard wondering how she’s doing, and even worse wondering if she’s thinking we don’t care about her. Also worrying that she’ll forget me.


For my safety and ongoing strength, as I’ll be traveling to Seattle, starting late next week. I’ll be on a team running Battelle’s mask decontamination system that is there. The work shift is 12 hrs/day, every day, for 3 weeks. Prayer request for Jen who is working form home and won’t have my help with the kids. We have a young woman we know, who is going to come and stay at our house and help during this time, and that is a positive experience.


I am still going into an office setting with 15 co-workers. I need prayer for safety and healthy coworkers. Also my friend Tracy fell in the grocery store and injured herself pretty badly.


To become positive as we disciple to new believers and to reinforce our faith to those in fear.


Please pray for the family of Konrad (21 years old) who took his life Wednesday. Specifically pray for the parents, Jim and Randi, and his sister and husband, Kelsey and Dan.


Please pray for my staff at the James Cancer Hospital who are scared that they will get COVID-19 or take it home to family. In this time of saving PPE for our front line staff, my staff who are nurse practitioners/doctors who are not on front line but feel very unprotected in the public caring for cancer patients. Please pray that they trust our leadership as well as the CDC and that decisions being made are not to put them in harm’s way but to help those taking care of the sickest patients. Thank you.


Pray for my wife who is in her third trimester of pregnancy and still working as a hospital pharmacist, as well as my young son who has had his battles iwth repiratory ilness this year. This COVID mess has us praying excessively for everybody, but especially for mom, our unborn child, and our young son. We are choosing faith over fear, but do appreciate your extra prayers. God bless.


Please pray for our missionaries and ministry partners who are at work around the world. Countries have shut borders and issued even more severe stay home mandates that the United States has which makes life and ministry difficult. Some of our missionaries work in areas affected more than others but all are in good spirits and eager to get back to their normal routine. Pray that as many of these countries are on lockdown that they can continue to be a light in the community in which they serve and that this temporary struggle will yield everlasting fruit.


We are starting to have increasing numbers of COVID positive patients at my medical center. The team I lead is on the frontline of patient care. Please pray I lead them in such a way that I minimize their risk while maintaining the same level of patient care. Please pray that God will have His hand on me, my team, and all healthcare workers to sustain us during this time.

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