Vision 2020 is a 3-Phase Renovation/Expansion Project that will help us continue to make disciples by reaching our community and growing them in Christ.

This is a result of two years of specific prayer about God’s vision for our future. We believe God has not only revealed to us this plan, but has also affirmed this decision with an overwhelmingly positive vote from our congregation.
As we have communicated, the funding strategy for this project is based on it being an “all-cash” build without incurring additional long-term debt. Each phase will only begin when we have received cash in hand or financial pledges to complete it. As a result, we hope you will prayerfully consider giving to this project and believe your investment is eternal. Moreover, your financial gifts will immediately allow us to plant seeds of the Gospel in the hearts of our community.


Purpose: To provide additional space that allows us to continue to grow as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ while making better use of our time.

Specifically, this phase will add a large Multi-Ministry building that will allow us to consolidate our mid-week ministries into one night that we have affectionately described as “Family Night.” The new build will also include a GPS Fitness Facility and storage. Additionally, we will be renovating our production area, expanding the Grace Kids Lobby, adding and renovating Grace Kids classrooms, and expanding and renovating our current kitchen.
The vision of Family Night is based on the realization that today’s families are extremely busy. Accordingly, as a church, we do not want to simply add more activities but instead free them up to be more intentional with their time. For example, Awana and Grace Students currently meet on separate nights. However, Family Night would be designed to allow those ministries to meet on the same night, along with providing other adult ministry opportunities. Essentially, our goal would be to provide an opportunity for our congregation to “grow” and fellowship together. In doing so, we hope families will be less busy at the church thereby freeing up more time in their week to bring the love of Christ to their friends and neighbors.


Purpose: To improve our worship space and increase our ability to reach our community for Christ.

Phase 2 included the renovation of the Auditorium (new floors, chairs, lighting, stage, screen, paint).

Phase 2 has been paid for and renovation is complete!


Purpose: To enhance our ability to welcome guests and fellowship together.

Our initial building has served us well for over 19 years. However, this phase included some much-needed renovation of our main lobby and restrooms. The expanded lobby also included the addition of a coffee cafe area.

Phase 1 has been paid for and renovation is complete!

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Sundays at 9 AM & 11 AM
7600 Liberty Rd N Powell, OH 43065

Sundays at 9 AM & 11 AM
7600 Liberty Rd N Powell, OH 43065